White Chocolate

Writing is such a personal thing. I have had people tell me that I have skills as a technical writer, a novelist, and even a self-help columnist, but here I am, actually becoming a kind of [...]

Just a Field Trip

A new beginning. Yep – giving up a great job and throwing everything to the wind to “follow my bliss” as Joseph Campbell would say. In some ways you could say I’m taking a risk, [...]

Poetry from Belle Brawn

Ghostly apparitions… rising up from the River. Tears fall due to the beauty and complexity. Birds squawking at me… disturbed by my intrusion.

Home Sweet Home

+: A new camper for my home next year. Δ: There’s 13 feet of living space… eek!

The Yin and Yang of the Yampa

Meet David Willis. David is the first river guide I want to highlight in this adventure, which will be starting oh so soon.  At the recent Colorado Association of Libraries (CAL) conference in [...]