Sangrias and Fishing

  +: Doug Phillips’ Sangrias at the Camp Robber Δ: Challenging Day on the River

The Good and the Bad

February 26, 2013. My first day on the Uncompahgre River near Montrose, CO was a classic example of highs and lows. I drove up from Durango through the San Juan mountains newly covered with fresh [...]

Diving Board

The rock and cloud formations that you see as you stand in the great rivers in the west are remarkable. This sandstone formation is known on the river as  the “diving board.” Now [...]

Thinking of you, Dad

  +: Love following my passion for rivers, fishing and the west. Δ: Made possible by my father who passed away a year ago.

Trout Unlimited

February 22, 2013. This time I am talking about the organization – not the number of fish I have been catching. Charlie Card, my guide and friend from the Green River, works for Trout [...]

Not a Strong African Animal

The preservation of this beautiful stretch of the Green River is important so we can share it with future generations. We cannot ensure the future health of our waters without due diligence to [...]

Great Hospitality

The people who live in Dutch John, Utah feel as if they live with a postcard view at all times. They take a pride in their community and appreciate the beauty of the area. The Flaming Gorge [...]

Dog Days

If I could only fish one river again in my life, it might very well be the Green River near Dutch John, Utah. The perfect combination comes together here – huge numbers of fish, abundant [...]

Charlie Card

I am going to highlight Charlie for several days because he is so special! I learned so much from Charlie today on the Green River. Charlie works for Utah Trout Unlimited and is doing some very [...]

The Journey

“Peace” by Belle Brawn…..   Wondering, questioning, growing. Always searching. Your peace is in accepting this. Remembering it’s about the journey, Never the destination.

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