Bicknell Bottoms

March 27, 2013.  The wind subsided around midday. I headed to the section of the Fremont River called the Bicknell Bottoms. A spring creek fed the river year round providing for a more consistent [...]


Most of my trip’s itinerary centers around well known rivers whose name people would recognize. The Fremont River is an exception. The river runs through Capitol Reef National Park and is a [...]

I did it!

I anticipated finding as many fish on my second day on the Beaver as I had on the first day with my guide. The reality is that it’s always different when you’re an amateur by [...]

Dana Landale

I met Dana through my sister, Susan Packard. Dana and her husband, Nipper built their beautiful home and barn on ten acres in Torrey, Utah near to Capitol Reef National Park. Dana is a [...]

Capitol Reef, UT

    +: The view from SCAMP. Δ: Too windy to go outside.  

Does it hurt fish?

In John Nickum’s article, “Anti-Catch-and-Release?” in High Country Angler from Summer of 2012, he speaks on two subjects (1) a relatively new European movement that wants to [...]

Loving Utah

Shawn Saunders of Fremont River Guides has been guiding for over 22 years. He got his start tying flies for local shops in his native Idaho. His heart is in southern Utah and it shows with his [...]

Change of Pace

March 18, 2013. The Beaver River runs 22 miles through the Tushar Mountains in southern Utah. One section of it can be called a tailwater because the dam for Minersville Reservoir intercepts its [...]

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