Capitol Reef, UT

    +: The view from SCAMP. Δ: Too windy to go outside.  

Does it hurt fish?

In John Nickum’s article, “Anti-Catch-and-Release?” in High Country Angler from Summer of 2012, he speaks on two subjects (1) a relatively new European movement that...
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Loving Utah

Shawn Saunders of Fremont River Guides has been guiding for over 22 years. He got his start tying flies for local shops in his native Idaho. His...
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Beaver River

Change of PaceView Map »

March 18, 2013. The Beaver River runs 22 miles through the Tushar Mountains in southern Utah. One section of it can be called a tailwater...
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Sevier River

Fishing +View Map »

March 15, 2013. The scenery surrounding me as I fished the Sevier River last week was inspiring. I am very serious about writing my book...
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New Friends

  +: Meeting new friends Δ: Leaving new friends