My two granddaughters, Megan and Lizzie, faced many challenges this last week. They camped for the first time, white-water rafted, explored caves, fished on lakes and rivers – and caught [...]

Broken Promises

I had heard only rave reports about the 11-Mile Canyon section of the S. Platte River before I made my way down Hwy 67 to Manitou Springs through the burned out areas of the Hayman fire ten years [...]

110 Year-Old You

Brian Johnson is a philosopher who has written a book on “optimal living, creating an authentically awesome life and other such goodness.” In one of his recent newsletters Brian talks [...]

Cunning Passivity

“Attention requires a cunning passivity.” Although I can’t locate the source of this quote (shame on my librarian skills) I find the quote telling. So many of us are so intent [...]


There is some lunacy in this journey of mine. Perhaps it’s my attempt to be a female Huck Finn and regain a bit of my childhood. This week I played hard. I not only fished on the South [...]

Leaving the Gunnison

For most of our float, the steep canyon walls on the Gunnison provided welcome relief from the hot summer sun in July, but by the third day of the float we found ourselves in more open water [...]

Shift in Attention

Since the flash flood from the thunderstorm on the first night, the water was murky at best and the fish were down. We tried using our streamers for a couple hours and I had one fish flash on me [...]

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