“They” Ruined It

As we pulled on our waders and boots in Yellowstone National Park, a man drove up and asked us how many fish we had caught. We told him we had just arrived and hadn’t started fishing yet. [...]

Cold Weather Warm Hearts

The Federation of Fly Fishers Association has drawn some wonderful souls to the beautiful town of West Yellowstone. We’ve dined and fished with fellow anglers for five days and watched the [...]

A Superfund Site

I spent a night in Butte, Montana after my transmission failed on my Jeep. I had reached the top of a mountain when all of a sudden my car sounded like I was reving the engine and then I [...]

Friend Beyond Friends

Carol Ogelsby and I are hanging out in West Yellowstone with other anglers attending the Federation of Fly Fishers Fair. Carol and her husband, Pat, are some of those super volunteers who end up [...]

A Catch

Brett Seng guided me on the Jefferson River this week. Brett was skilled in every way on the river, plus as a male fishing model, I had the added pleasure of some eye candy all day! Brett has [...]


Three Forks, MT. One of the greatest aspects of this journey is just letting it happen. Although I have an itinerary, it is always subject to change. Although I had scouted the Jefferson as a [...]

Fickle Fall

Weather across the Rockies has been so bizarre this fall. We’ve gone from famine to feast insofar as rain is concerned. My home state of Colorado has suffered greatly from this phenomenon, [...]

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