Almost Full Circle

  + Brazos Cliffs in New Mexico Δ Winter Fishing is here!

Rio Hondo

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I have heard a lot about the strike of a pike on your fly and carp are just enormous fish. When Nick offered to take...
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Carol Dorfman, 1950 – 2013

I just learned this morning that my long time friend, Carol Dorfman passed away yesterday. This comes as a shock and great sadness. She leaves...
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A Little Diversion

  + Looking for Carp and Pike Δ Saw only the Carp

Nick, Photographer

You will hear a lot about Nick Streit from the Taos Fly Shop in this column because I have the pleasure of fishing five rivers...
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Cimarron River

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The fishing had been decent in the morning on the day we fished the Cimarron, but with a belly full of elk sausage for lunch,...
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