Guide and Friend Extraordinaire

Marshall Whiting has had a life and a half and is alive and well to share all her challenges and successes. She has spent the last...
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Telluride Weekend

I had the good fortune of meeting Becki and Marshall Pendergrass at the annual Colorado Trout Unlimited event in Redstone, CO earlier in the year....
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It Really is About the Whitefish

November, 2015. Durango, CO  During my year on rivers, I had been told both that Whitefish were an insignificant catch and that they were a...
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Mushrooms and Trout

September 2016. Telluride, CO. When fishing with our friends Marshall and Richard up in Telluride, we decided that the perfect match for some freshly caught...
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Life and Death

+ A nice hike on the Yellowstone Δ Some don’t make it

Harlequins, Badgers and Cutthroats

Yellowstone River. Yellowstone National Park. August 19, 2015.  When I checked in with our guide Joe Moore about an excursion to the Yellowstone, he was...
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