Ten-Mile RangeMarch 10, 2014. With the 10-Mile Mountain range as a backdrop, I climbed large snow drifts to get access to the Blue River just below the dam in Dillon. The difference in the river’s flow from last year at this time and this year was significant – 37 cfs last year and 297 cfs this year.

I spent most of my time shooting photos as opposed to fishing. At the time I fished the Blue last year, I didn’t yet have a camera that shot raw photos. So, although I caught some really great shots with my point and shoot last year, I really need the raw photos for my book.

Blue RiverThere were half a dozen anglers on the river and I didn’t see any of them catch a fish. A couple guys leaving said they caught some trout on some mysis shrimp and nymph patterns. There were certainly some large fish hanging out under the bridge that crosses the river in between the outlet mall stores, but they weren’t buying the artificial flies.

It was wonderful to be up in the mountains on a river after several weeks in Starbuck’s writing away and sipping chai tea. I’ve started to get some invitations to speak at various organizations, which will be fun. Contact me if you’re looking for someone to tell a story about an amazing year.

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