I Love Car Repairs

When my transmission’s transfer case needed to be repaired a few weeks ago, one of the warranty requirements was to have it rechecked within 2 weeks. Knowing that I would be in Hamilton for [...]

Chef, Firefighter, Fly-fisher

My husband and I were invited to a dinner in West Yellowstone that included a lot of the men and women who are deeply committed to fly-fishing. They have varied backgrounds and diverse interests [...]

Friend Beyond Friends

Carol Ogelsby and I are hanging out in West Yellowstone with other anglers attending the Federation of Fly Fishers Fair. Carol and her husband, Pat, are some of those super volunteers who end up [...]

Judy Debbie Nancy

My new world of fly-fishing is about so much more than the fishing. Some women anglers are very famous, from Dame Juliana Berners to Joan Wulff to April Vokey. There are also some amazing women [...]

Tasmanian Artist

There are some days when laundry and grocery shopping take precedence over fishing and photography. On one particular laundry day, I had the good fortune of meeting Tamayo Leahy from Tasmania. My [...]

Good Slovak

Jack Valachovic and I had a chance meeting in the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming. Jack is a resident of upper New York State and had taken some time in the Rockies to fish, reflect and reminisce. I [...]

Many Crossed Paths

This is the longest I’ve remained at a campground this year – a little over two weeks. Initially, I needed to get my computer fixed. After a while, though, I decided to stay here just [...]


I have known these three women for a total of 80 years between all three. We date back to the wild and crazy days of ski bumming, rugby parties, and without a doubt, some of the best times of our [...]

Time for Reflection

As the end of summer rapidly approaches, I am taking some time to get caught up on my research and writing at a campground in Idaho Falls. Didn’t plan this one but a hacked computer [...]

Family Together Again

My two sons, Mike and Scott and Max (Scott and Heather’s son) found some time to hang out together on the streets of Seattle. This was Max’s first chance to meet his uncle and he [...]