OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe words of my new friend, Bill Eaton…

“It is interesting the way that Shelley and I have become friends. I was told of this lady who was going to fish 52 rivers in 52 weeks. I found her Facebook page and friended her and started to follow her adventure. I noticed that we had some things in common like rivers we had fished and guides we had used. So I emailed her and we started corresponding.

I enjoyed her blog and looked forward to the next river she would fish and what she would encounter. She is an accomplished photographer with very striking photos of the rivers she fished. I have also looked forward to her summation of the guides that she hired. For those of us who can’t travel to all the rivers that Shelley did, her blog has allowed us to fish those rivers through her.

We met at the Denver Fly Fishing Show in January 2014 after her year of fishing. We then set up a time to have dinner with my wife and her husband. I can now say we have a new pair of friends. One can never have too many friends!”

Thanks, Bill, for coming into my life and sharing my special year.  Shelley

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