Fish, turkeys and bees

I’ve started my new job as the Library Director of a small, innovative library in Bayfield, CO, called Pine River Library. They won Library Journal’s “Best Small Library in [...]

Till Next Year, Montana

My second visit to Montana this year ends as I head south to Salt Lake City for a couple days. Excited to see my friend, Marianne McKinney and fellow librarian Peter Bromberg. If you [...]

Memorable Moments in Montana

October 3, 2014. Drove up to Stevensville to the Lee Metcalf Wildlife Preserve where I didn’t see one person on the hike I took. There were thousands of ducks – skittish with just a [...]

Nothing Tart about the Bitterroot

October 2, 2014. Unlike most of the big Montana Rivers, the Bitterroot only flows about 75 miles before emptying into the Clark Fork River. The Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge is located on [...]

I Have Books to Sell!

I’m so excited to share my amazing year of 52 Rivers with you.  I no longer have books for sale on Amazon. 1. Directly from me.  If you would like to order the book directly from me, [...]

Dries in October

October 1, 2014. I drove up to Missoula in the dark this morning with sunrise not happening until after 7:30. I met up with a guide from the Missoulian Angler – Travis Craft – to fish [...]