Cretan Food

Cuisine is one of the most important aspects of any culture, and it’s no different here in Crete. As I’m sure you’ve heard many times, Mediterranean food is one of the most [...]

Tavernas – More than a Place to Eat

Tavernas date back to the time of Aristotle – as far back as the 4th Century! They were and remain a meeting place or a community hub in Greece. Tavernas are most lively in the evening [...]

Water Everywhere

I remember as a kid having to learn the names of all the bodies of water around the world and never really mastering it. Now, I come to the Mediterranean and it’s even more difficult. The [...]

Pendamodi: A Cretan Village

The village of Pendamodi lies about 30 minutes southwest of Heraklion, the current capital of Crete. Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean. [...]

Back in Greece!

Last fall, Florian and I spent three weeks in Greece touring Athens, the Peloponnese, Santorini, Mykenos, Hydra, and finally the island of Crete. Florian lived on Crete 50 – yes 50 – [...]