Jack MauerI first spoke with Jack Mauer about two months ago when I signed up for the Casting for Recovery fundraiser. He organized all the guides for our fishing day on the river. I wanted to spend a little more time getting to know him and the Bitterroot, so Jack and I floated the river for a half day on a rather miserable, cloudy day.


Bitterroot with JackSo, why do I entitle this post, “A Bluebird Day?” After catching a number of fish in one of the more productive holes, Jack and I were reveling in our success. My rod was pointed at the river banks as we chatted about the latest catch. Suddenly I felt my rod take a dip and looked over to see a Mountain Blue Bird resting on the tip of my rod. He actually looked as surprised as we were. Jack whispers, “Don’t move your rod. Keep it perfectly still,” as he reaches for his camera. I wish I could say that we did capture a photo, but we did not. I will have to let my mind’s eye recall that image because the chances of that happening again are close to nil.

Merle, Jack, MaryJack and his partner Merle Ann Loman, are dedicated to the well-being of their beautiful town and river. Merle is an accomplished photographer and you should take a look at the bear on her website. We outdoor photographers are a lucky bunch.

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