A Float to Remember

Gunnison - Black Canyon (Map)

Grounds of the Black Canyon Anglers

Grounds of the Black Canyon Anglers

The location of the Black Canyon Anglers (BCA) is a site to behold. Orchards, fresh gardens, log cabins, a fly shop, and of course, the Gunnison River were all part of the scene.

I had been looking forward to this float since I started planning 52 Rivers and I spent hours preparing for the three days of fishing and camping on the river. I arrived the night before our float and was treated to a grand dinner with cocktails and homemade wine.

Shelley Hiking

Trek to the Gunnison

The wake-up call came at 5:30 a.m., after which we drove about 45 minutes on what was questionably called a road. I had been warned about the hike down to the river and wondered how well I would manage the 1 1/4 mile trek. I can certainly hike 10 miles, but I wasn’t sure how I would handle the 30 pound or so backpack along with my camera and fishing stuff.

Guide, Photographer, Great Guy

Guide, Photographer, Great Guy

The good news was that the trail was all down hill. I felt strong and capable as we arrived at the river’s edge 38 minutes and 20 second later – not that I was counting. The scene was busy with rafts and other floaters getting prepared to make it through some nice class 3 rapids. Our guide, Angus Drummond, took care of all the logistics of getting the raft inflated and organizing our supplies for the next three days.

And now the fun was about to begin.


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  1. What? A cliffhanger? Tune in next week to read about the exciting raft trip through the Black Canyon?
    You bet I will!

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