February 12, 2013.  Fins are considered to be the most distinctive features of fish. The fins are used for different purposes – moving forward, moving sideways, staying upright. There are many types of fish fins including the dorsal (back), caudal (tail), anal (you can guess that one!), ventral or pelvic, and the adipose. The adipose fin on a trout is a rather fleshy- looking creation located behind the dorsal fin.


The adipose fin is not found in many fish families, but the Salmonidae family, which includes trout, do have them. Scientists are not sure of the purpose of the fin, but they can sure be beautiful. Fish that are raised in fisheries often have that fin clipped in order to identify them as a hatchery fish.

The Red FinI am amazed at the beauty of the fishes I am catching. Each one has its own distinctive coloring,  shape and size.

When I first started birding 10 years ago, I remember thinking the same thing.  What gorgeous creatives! I was a bit sad that I had lived for a half a century without really being aware that these creatures had been flying all around me everyday. Now I am thinking the same thing about the fish in our waters.

How many other creatures are about that I haven’t noticed?


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