Angus Drummond

Gunnison - Black Canyon (Map)

Angus chefI’ve never seen anyone work quite so hard to make our trip along the Gunnison as successful as it was. Not only is Angus an accomplished angler and boatsman, he is a well known photographer… oh yeah – and cook too.

Angus spent his first 10 years in Great Britain before moving to several locations along the east coast of the US. His fishing history dates back to spin casting in canals northeast of London. It continues in Virginia with his mom, who was a great angler.

Angus has been guiding full time for the last nine years including a stint as the head guide at the Broadmoor. I am so glad that he started guiding for Black Canyon Anglers so that we had a chance to meet and share stories. So looking forward to our next trip together…

JoshI would be remiss if I didn’t mention Josh Cranson who was Angus’ partner in crime. Just one of the stories about this trip involves the thunderstorm that occurred on the first night out that later led to a flash flood. We had all left off the tarps on top of our tents to stay cooler. When the rain started to fall, barely before I had even awakened, Josh and Angus were up and securing the tarps so we wouldn’t get wet. Amazing…

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