Beautiful Santorini

In September 2021, Florian and I set off for a grand trip to Greece. We were questioned by friends and family about traveling with Covid still very active, but we followed our hunches that with caution, we’d be fine. And, we were.

We started out on a very high note. After a lifetime of travel for work, Florian was able to save enough points for us to travel in business class – the place on the airplane where 20 or so people get to actually lie down and sleep while on the plane, to say nothing of the food and service, which were extraordinary. I have to say that I felt extremely self-conscious about the privilege of it all at the same time it made overnight travel to Europe very easy.

We were in Greece for a whole month and since I didn’t have my website back up and going at the time, I didn’t post about the trip, although I did a lot of writing. So, this blog entry will serve as an overview of the whole trip. (I’d rather concentrate my writing efforts on current goings-on.)

Our route took us from Athens to the island of Hydra to the Peloponesse (Nafplio, Kardamyli, Olympia, and Delphi) back to Athens, and then to Mykonos, Santorini, and finally Crete.

Island of Mykenos

As you can imagine, it was an incredible dip into history, great food, wonderful people, and amazing views. We invited our granddaughter who joined us for the island hopping part of our trip and loved having one-on-one time with her.




Wine and the ParthenonStay tuned for more because Florian decided he didn’t get enough of Crete (where he was stationed during the Vietnam War), and we are going back to spend a month in June 2022.

We hope to see the birthplace of Zeus, do a lot of hiking, learn a little Greek and enjoy time with our hosts. We are taking our rods and looking for some good spots to cast a few lines. So fortunate…

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