Athens and Beyond

In September 2021, Florian and I set off for a grand trip to Greece. We were questioned by friends and family about traveling with Covid still very active, but we followed our hunches that with [...]

Still Fishin’…

For my 70th birthday (now over a year ago), my husband and I spent a heavenly three days with Nick Streit in Taos – one of our favorite places to visit and fish. Who can argue with the [...]

No Bad Days in “the Bob”

This summer provided lots of opportunities to hang out in the wilderness in the amazing west. The American wilderness means many things to many people but it has been defined in the Wilderness [...]

Guide and Friend Extraordinaire

Marshall Whiting has had a life and a half and is alive and well to share all her challenges and successes. She has spent the last few decades in Telluride working as a therapist and playing as [...]

Harlequins, Badgers and Cutthroats

Yellowstone River. Yellowstone National Park. August 19, 2015.  When I checked in with our guide Joe Moore about an excursion to the Yellowstone, he was clear that the hike that he had planned [...]