PansiesThis is the month of back and forth – 70 degrees yesterday morning and 23 degrees last night. I fished in 80 degree weather at the Arkansas in Pueblo last week and I’ll be lucky to have 40 degree weather on the Yampa.

I’m itchy to get on the road again and meet new people and see new places. My departure was delayed by this last snowstorm, which is badly needed. We just got our notice from Denver water that lawn watering will be strictly curtailed this summer. I would really like to xeriscape,  but the cost is prohibitive. Guess I’ll put myself to work on that next year… if I don’t decide to do a sequel to 52 Rivers.

I’m really excited about my trip to Steamboat. With the weather having turned cold, I’m going to miss the runoff on the Yampa. I keep wondering where I’m going to catch it and at how many different rivers. Part of the journey.

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