June 19, 2014. It’s been six months since I’ve been on the road in my camper, and I’ve missed it a lot – more than you’ll ever know! The writing for my 52 Rivers book is nearly completed – all 52 chapters. Now I’m working with my book designer, Gustavo Esquinco, on meshing the photographs and the words. I’ve loved the writing process – just want to do it on the road instead of in a structure over populated with family. (I’ve had a son, girlfriend and 15 month old baby living with me, as well as my husband!)

Big Sky WyomingFor the next 2 weeks, it’s back on the rivers. This time I’m going fishing on the Clark Fork, Rock Creek, the Smith, the Missouri, the Bitterroot and Silver Creek. Three new, three repeats from last year.

Right now I’m in Sheridan, WY on the way to Missoula, MT in my ‘luxury’ camper with my husband. Luxury means 21 feet instead of my 13 foot SCAMP, a table to sit at instead of my bed, a microwave and oven, and a queen-sized bed. Just a means to an end, but nice the luxury model after a 5-year hiatus.Camper - 6-19

So, a seven hour drive through big sky today. The cloud patterns are beautiful this morning. I’ve got my camera and tripod out and I’m ready to capture this all too short 2 week holiday.


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