Emerald Ash BorerPine beetles have been bad enough for the forests of Colorado. Now we have the emerald ash borers (EAD) to deal with in Colorado. The latest issue of Flyfisher reports in their Conservation News column that they have been discovered in our already beat-up forests.

These Russian/Asian creatures burrow into the cambium layer of our trees, feeding on the soft wood tissues eventually killing the tree by disrupting the flow of water and nutrients. In his article in Flyfisher, Bob Wiltshire states that the EAB “is the most devastating forest pest insect to be introduced to the United States.”

Anglers can be a “potent weapon” in the efforts to control the spread of this insect. We are outside more than the average person; we are more aware of our surroundings; we care deeply about the environment that supports our passion.

The International Fly Fishing Federation (IFFF) has partnered with the Invasive Species Action Network (ISAN) to teach anglers how to spot and report pests. ISAN has developed a handbook that describes the program. If you want to get involved please call ISAN at 406-222-7270.

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