September 30, 2014. Rain and storms kept me company today on my drive from Idaho Falls to Hamilton, MT. I drove up I15 to Montana 278, which took me over Big Hole Pass. William Clark and Sacajawea passed over this pass in 1806 on their way to Camp Fortunate to pick up some supplies. Yeah, me and Sacajawea.

I stopped at the Snake River before leaving Idaho Falls and watched the ducks play above the falls. I wanted to take out my rod and find a fishing hole, but it was raining – not that rain has ever stopped me before. I also passed by the Big Hole River, which I haven’t fished before, but it’s on my bucket list.

Montana Virgas-2Pulling into the Angler’s Roost Campground,  I landed the same beautiful campsite on the Bitterroot. Within 15 minutes of setting up camp, a storm blew in and ruined my opportunity for casting a line this evening. No worries, I’ll be on the Clark Fork all day tomorrow.

I loved the views today on the drive over including the virgas on the distant Bitterroot Mountains. I’m always surprised at how quickly Autumn befalls us. It seems like it’s 90 degrees one day and then sweater weather the next. Ain’t it all grand?

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