Carol Dorfman, 1950 – 2013

Carol DorfmanI just learned this morning that my long time friend, Carol Dorfman passed away yesterday. This comes as a shock and great sadness. She leaves behind her two sons, Noah and Jordan, both of whom I have known well as adolescents.

Carol and I spent a lot of time together over the years vacationing, laughing and working through life’s issues. Carol had a wicked sense of humor and helped many people through her coaching business.

What has happened to Carol is precisely why I took this year to follow my dreams. I lost my mother at 62, the same age as Carol. We all know to live in the moment and never take the future for granted, but most of us just can’t wrap our brains and actions around that. Do it my friends…

I will miss you very much, Carol…

5 thoughts on “Carol Dorfman, 1950 – 2013

  1. Hi Shelley,
    Long time, no talk. Congrats on catching the “big fish.” Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. I agree that we need to slow down and enjoy the time we have. I just returned from Santa Barbara last week where one of my friend’s husband died at the age of 52. That makes you think.

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