No Disenchantment with This Church

I have fallen in love with fly-fishing. My love is pure and mysterious although not unique. I am driven by a need to learn everything I can about fly-fishing and determined to spend as many hours [...]


I’ve had many people question me about why I’m going fishing for a year… “wow – so ambitious”, “never even knew you fished”, “how long have you been fishing?” “You’re going to fish in [...]

White Chocolate

Writing is such a personal thing. I have had people tell me that I have skills as a technical writer, a novelist, and even a self-help columnist, but here I am, actually becoming a kind of [...]

Just a Field Trip

A new beginning. Yep – giving up a great job and throwing everything to the wind to “follow my bliss” as Joseph Campbell would say. In some ways you could say I’m taking a risk, [...]