Special Organization

Casting for Recovery was founded in 1996 in Manchester, Vermont, by a breast cancer reconstructive surgeon and a professional fly fisher (Gwenn Perkins Bogart and Dr. Benita Walton). Casting for [...]

Joan Wolff, An Inspiration

As Wikipedia states about Joan Wolff, ” Joan Salvato Wulff [is] known as the First Lady of fly-fishing, [and] has been casting since she was a school girl in 1937. She was National Casting [...]

Bad News

Pine beetles have been bad enough for the forests of Colorado. Now we have the emerald ash borers (EAD) to deal with in Colorado. The latest issue of Flyfisher reports in their Conservation News [...]

Without a Doubt

While down in Southwest Colorado I had a tour of the new community garden at the Pine River Library in Bayfield. The thought and effort put in to the garden by the community and library staff [...]

American Rivers

One of the websites that I regularly follow deals with both educational topics about rivers as well as political issues. American Rivers has a great overview on rivers that talks about the key [...]

Good News on Rivers

The Crystal River. (Photo by Dave Dugdale) The Rio Grande River in New Mexico was made a part of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System in 1968 – one of the original eight. In March [...]

A Reigniting Passion

Joe Rayome was commissioned by my son, Michael Runyan, to do a watercolor of me fishing on the Little Wood River in Idaho.  I believe watercolor is the perfect medium to express the essence of my [...]

Kiwi Writer and Filmmaker

Check out Derek Grzelewski’s blog for lots of reasons, but his September 23rd post includes some great diagrams on trout food and life cycles – especially for my friends who are [...]

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