Guide and Friend Extraordinaire

Marshall Whiting has had a life and a half and is alive and well to share all her challenges and successes. She has spent the last few decades in Telluride working as a therapist and playing as [...]

Prime Punter

Patrick leads up the guide crew at Blackfly Lodge south of Marsh Harbor on Abaco Island in the Bahamas. Patrick was born on Abaco, but was sent to Rochester, MN for high school, where he still [...]

Angler, Musician, Gentleman

Thom Chacon is a fishing guide for Duranglers in Durango, CO. Thom is a fantastic guide and he is an equally accomplished musician with his fourth album soon to appear. His back-up band is the [...]

Reconnecting with Joe Moore

I met Joe Moore on the Madison River last August and am excited to have booked a week in West Yellowstone with him and two couples from Durango for a week of fishing. We’ve booked Joe for [...]

Revisiting Amazing People

A little over a year ago, I had the pleasure of floating the Green River by Flaming Gorge with Charlie Card, a member of the TU staff in Utah. I met Charlie at the first Fly-Fishing Show I [...]

Jeremy Allan

Spent another good day with Jeremy Allan. Last year we fished the Strawberry in June – one of the highlights of my year. This year, we had a rainy fall day on the Provo. And yet, both were [...]

Looking Forward

The Smith River in Montana was the 38th river on my itinerary. Had I been able to float this river, it would have been like a grand finale a few months early because it was a five-day river trip [...]

Nice Backdrop

Jerry Lehtinen left the corporate world about three years ago after a career in global packaging. Although an angler for over 30 years, he decided to follow his passion for fly fishing and make [...]

Norman Maktima

Nick Streit from the Taos Fly Shop recommended two guides for the Pecos River – Norman Maktima and Toner Mitchell. I just so happened to call Norman first and he was available, for which I [...]

Nick, Photographer

You will hear a lot about Nick Streit from the Taos Fly Shop in this column because I have the pleasure of fishing five rivers with him in the Taos area. I learned a lot from Nick – not [...]