Three is Magical

Paul Killino from Colorado River Outfitters took my husband and me down the Colorado River north of Wolcott in his drift boat on a day filled with a full range of fishing and weather. This was my [...]

Mayflies and more

The Colorado River is approximately 1450 miles in length and is joined by over 25 tributaries. As I planned this project, I knew that I would need to fish the Colorado in more than one spot in [...]

Kyle Holt on the Colorado

Kyle Holt guides for the Taylor Creek Fly Shop out of Basalt. Kyle battled the wind for us all day on the Colorado, but did it with a smile on his face and in anticipation of a vacation. This is [...]

The Gift of Fly-fishing

The wind never relented through our day on the Colorado, but that didn’t stop my friend, Phyllis and I from celebrating her birthday. I know many of you may not understand that floating a [...]

Change in Plans

For those of you who actually follow my itinerary, you will notice that I am not writing about the Roaring Fork this week but rather the Colorado at Glenwood Springs. As it turned out, the RV [...]

Colorado at Glenwood

+: Floated the mighty Colorado Δ: Colorado: Most Endangered River

Terry Gunn

My last day on the Colorado was with Terry Gunn, owner of Lee’s Ferry Angler’s. Terry and his wife, Wendy have been working the Colorado River for 30 years. With their son, Troy their [...]

Marble Canyon

March 8, 2013.  One of the greatest series of books with which to travel is the Roadside Geology series. The books are organized by the highways on which you travel, so you can look out your [...]

The Glens

My husband and I fished the Colorado River below Glen Canyon Dam this week alongside red colored gorges with green, blue, and black hues. The dam was built to control water flow from the upper [...]

A Grand Place

After two months of fishing in sub-freezing temperatures, it is a relief to find myself in some warmer weather on the Colorado River just below Glen Canyon Dam. Spring was in the air as were the [...]

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