Fryingpan River

NoticingView Map »

When throwing your fishing line into the current in the river, you are never sure what you might encounter. In the beginning there’s excitement and...
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Seven CastlesView Map »

Basalt, CO. February 7, 2013. This is just one of the spectacular sites on the drive up from Basalt along the Fryingpan. This is known...
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Guide, Fly-tyer, Friend

Tim Jacobs guided for the Taylor Creek Fly Shop in Basalt for a short time but has been fishing a long time. Tim is well-known...
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Frying Pan

Off to the PanView Map »

Basalt, CO. February 4, 2013. Once upon a time a couple miners who were filling up their pockets with gold nuggets near the  Elk Mountains...
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