When throwing your fishing line into the current in the river, you are never sure what you might encounter. In the beginning there’s excitement and anticipation, but this is oftentimes [...]

Seven Castles

Basalt, CO. February 7, 2013. This is just one of the spectacular sites on the drive up from Basalt along the Fryingpan. This is known as “Seven Castles” and offers a spectacular spot [...]

Guide, Fly-tyer, Friend

Tim Jacobs guided for the Taylor Creek Fly Shop in Basalt for a short time but has been fishing a long time. Tim is well-known for the fine flies that he ties. Check out his website.  Tim has [...]

Fryingpan’s Harry Portland

Harry Portland comes from Philly and the Jersey Shore until he moved to Colorado in his young 20’s. One of his grandfathers was in the Merchant Marines and the other worked in Philadelphia [...]

Mayflies and Sheep and Eagles – Oh My!

Basalt, CO. February 5, 2013.  As those of you who have been following this blog know, my journey is about so much more than catching fish. The true angler has a deeply held desire to experience [...]

Off to the Pan

Basalt, CO. February 4, 2013. Once upon a time a couple miners who were filling up their pockets with gold nuggets near the  Elk Mountains near Aspen and Basalt. One said to the other, “Hey [...]