Wannabe Mountain Woman

Nature is truly the best landscaper I know. On our last day on the river, I took a moment to take in my surroundings. Our campsite sported Ponderosa Pines, the scent of the sun on the granitic [...]

River of No Return

The starting point for rafters was just up river from where we camped,  and thus we observed quite a bit of river traffic from our campsite high above the banks. Small two engine planes dropped [...]

Flying Like A Bird

Picabo, Idaho. The camper was in the shop for another bad wheel bearing. The Jeep’s radiator blew up and I was delayed getting to Picabo to catch my flight to the Middle Fork of the Salmon. [...]

An Outlier

For Mike Hart, rivers are central to his life. As he states, “I have always had this magnetic attraction to rivers.” Among his many talents, Mike is a back country pilot and really [...]