Ryan Newman

Ryan is one of those people that exudes happiness and togetherness. He knows what he is doing and can convey that in a manner that is not condescending or didactic. Ryan made me look really good [...]

Serendipity Strikes

I just so happened to meet a woman in Idaho Falls, who just so happened to be close friends with the TV producer for the World Fishing Network, who just so happened to be shooting shows in Provo [...]

The Video Crew

After a day (more or less) of filming for the new show American Fly Guide on World Fishing Network, the crew and I dined at the excellent Vinto Restaurant in Park City, Utah. I wanted to go back [...]

Will Westrate

I spent a day on the Provo and a half-day on the Weber with Will. He knew both these rivers extremely well, and taught me about the Bounce Rig, mentioned in my post “Unbelievable [...]