Back at Cheesman

April 1, 2014. I really needed a day on the river.  I wanted to hear the whistle of the wind, feel the warmth of the sun as I sat on a boulder, see the red-tailed hawks and flickers and get [...]


February 14, 2013. My normal rhythm  is as a night owl. I get a second wind around 10:00 pm, which will take me to 1 – 2:00 am. It is always with great pleasure when I can get up early [...]

Adipose Fin

February 12, 2013.  Fins are considered to be the most distinctive features of fish. The fins are used for different purposes – moving forward, moving sideways, staying upright. There are [...]

Private Waters

  +: Fishing at Cheesman Canyon on the South Platte. Δ: Running in to the barbed wire on private waters.

Cheesman Canyon on the South Platte

It takes about 30 minutes to hike in to the lower end of Cheesman Canyon, just above the private Wigwam property and below Cheesman Reservoir. The names of the fishing holes in Cheesman are [...]

Pat Dorsey

Pat Dorsey is a legend when it comes to the South Platte River. He has written the definitive book on this River as well as two others – one on Tailwaters and one on fly tying. His latest [...]

Quiet at My Office

  Deckers, CO. South Platte River.        January 11, 2013     My office, my laboratory, my church… it’s all running together these days. The river is where I am [...]

The South Platte at Deckers

Deckers, CO. South Platte River. January 10, 2013. This week I’ve been fishing the South Platte at Deckers. Deckers has been an important destination for fly-fishers since the [...]

First Day on the South Platte

Deckers, CO. South Platte River. January 9, 2013 Remarkable. Fishing in January at 6,200 feet in close to 50 degree weather. The fish are supposed to be difficult to catch at this time of year, [...]

The First Week

Denver, CO. Fly-Fishing Show. January 8, 2013. One of the clubs in the Denver area that gathers “like souls” together is Colorado Women’s Flyfishers (CWF). At their meeting [...]

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