Angler and Librarian

David Willis sponsored a guide trip as a silent auction item at the Colorado Association of Libraries (CAL) conference last fall, and I pounced on it. Fishing with a librarian – such a [...]


April 14, 2013. Steamboat Springs, CO. One of the things I love about Colorado is that you never know what to expect from the weather when you wake up in the morning. Last night it poured rain [...]

What Can I Say?

It was supposed to rain today, but we got snow here in Steamboat Springs… lots of it! When I arrived at the Steamboat Flyfisher Shop I feared they might cancel on me. Instead, I had one of [...]

One of the Best!

You couldn’t ask for a better guide. Rob Burden guides for the Steamboat Flyfisher in Steamboat Springs. Raised in Pennsylvania where he fished with his father from the time he was very [...]

Back and Forth

This is the month of back and forth – 70 degrees yesterday morning and 23 degrees last night. I fished in 80 degree weather at the Arkansas in Pueblo last week and I’ll be lucky to [...]

The Yin and Yang of the Yampa

Meet David Willis. David is the first river guide I want to highlight in this adventure, which will be starting oh so soon.  At the recent Colorado Association of Libraries (CAL) conference in [...]