“They” Ruined It

As we pulled on our waders and boots in Yellowstone National Park, a man drove up and asked us how many fish we had caught. We told him we had just arrived and hadn’t started fishing yet. [...]

Cold Weather Warm Hearts

The Federation of Fly Fishers Association has drawn some wonderful souls to the beautiful town of West Yellowstone. We’ve dined and fished with fellow anglers for five days and watched the [...]

Tony V

As I roamed the west this year and mentioned that I would be staying in Montana for six weeks, one of the first questions was, “Who’s your guide on the Yellowstone?” Invariably, [...]

Yen for the Yellowstone

I arranged my float with Tony Valeriano on the Yellowstone with the Sweetwater Fly Shop in Livingston, Montana. They kindly let me park my camper on their property for several days while I drove [...]