My two granddaughters, Megan and Lizzie, faced many challenges this last week. They camped for the first time, white-water rafted, explored caves, fished on lakes and rivers – and caught [...]

110 Year-Old You

Brian Johnson is a philosopher who has written a book on “optimal living, creating an authentically awesome life and other such goodness.” In one of his recent newsletters Brian talks [...]

Blown Out and Blown Away

Day 1 in the Black Canyon. I was blown away by the beauty of the cliffs, the raging water, the insect life, and the opportunities for fishing. We started out with a dry/dropper rig but quickly [...]

My Sister, Friend and Sign-maker

My sister and I went fly-fishing together for the first time and she caught a huge first fish – a 20 inch brown trout – for some people a fish of a lifetime. I had a photo of her up [...]