Scott, Pat, FlorianMy husband and I were invited to a dinner in West Yellowstone that included a lot of the men and women who are deeply committed to fly-fishing. They have varied backgrounds and diverse interests in the sport ranging from helping out with the Federation of Fly Fishers to Casting for Recovery, an organization that treats women with breast cancer to a weekend on the water.

Trisha, Peg, Bud, Pat, Carol, Scott, Barb, Jessica, Dave and Chip. These are just some of the names of the folks I met who became fast friends. I am meeting Peg, Trisha and Dave up near Coeur d’Alene to fish next July – already in my calendar. I admired deeply the work and stories that Scott had to tell as a Forest Service firefighter.

Dave andAs I wrote about in my general post this week, I believe in the overall desire of people to do good – the best they can with all the challenges that life presents us. I definitely believe that we’ve beat the coin toss when it comes to good people. BTW, Dave, thanks for a great dinner.

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