The Federation of Fly Fishers Association has drawn some wonderful souls to the beautiful town of West Yellowstone. We’ve dined and fished with fellow anglers for five days and watched the abundant wildlife in Yellowstone Park, but it’s sure been wintery.

Gray JayThe Gray Jay in this photo is a sure sign of approaching winter. These uncommon birds are like a larger chickadee and rather bold in nature. We saw several of these while fishing on the Yellowstone River in an area called Buffalo Ford, probably one of the most famous trout streams in the Park.


YNPThree of us were skunked on a cloudy, snowy day with temperatures hovering around 32 degrees. We tried the locally recommended soft hackles, wooly buggers and small nymphs, but the fish were not to be deceived on this glorious day.


Carol and Snowman


Carol and I were taken in by this little snowman that someone had left on top of a picnic table. You can tell by the look on Carol’s face that she thought it was pretty cute!


I have just a week left in Montana before I head back to the Denver area for a few weeks and a trip to the Roaring Fork and Conejos Rivers in CO. In the meantime, I will fish the Bitteroot and Blackfoot Rivers in Montana. Blackfoot ring a bell for anyone?

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