From Laurie Meyer, President/Owner of Damsel Street.


I began fishing as most kids do – with a dad, uncle or grandfather. I started with a spin cast pole and a can of worms.

Flash forward many years later when I signed up for a five-week course on fly-fishing at a local community college and fell in love with the sport.  The two course instructors were veteran anglers and master casters and they created environments that allowed all of us newbies to learn the sport while eliminating the “intimidation factor”.  After this course I was hooked on the sport and in love with all trout.

After fishing for a few years I grew tired of wearing men’s shirts that offered little functionality and zero fit for a woman so I decided to do something about it and that something is Damsel Street.

Damsel Street has brought all of a woman’s outdoor, technical shirt needs together and provides an innovative and streamlined solution.  Damsel Street is focused on providing women’s outdoor technical apparel specifically for fly fishing, but our apparel is not limited to that sport. The need for women’s apparel is prevalent in many sports such as hiking, hunting, and backpacking. We provide the perfect blend between fashion and function.

Having a passion for the outdoors and living that lifestyle means being exposed to the elements. Clothing needs to be taken as seriously as any other piece of equipment that a women uses and having the right equipment makes all the difference while playing in the elements.

Damsel Street…. Our streets are anywhere the outdoors takes you

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