January 19, 2014. The weather in Colorado is something to brag about regularly, but yesterday was unbelievable. Sunshine, blue skies and 61 degrees. The heck with the sportsmen show – I headed up to the S. Platte at Deckers.

Deckers FeaturedThe first of my 52 rivers a year ago was the same river. It was quite a bit colder last year, but with guide, Fred Gray, we caught more than my share of fish. It was then I learned about sight (or is it site?) fishing and not wasting my time casting blindly without knowing whether or not there was a fish to catch.

It was not until my fourth river that I had purchased my camera and lenses for the trip and so my photos for the first three rivers was not of high enough quality. I now find myself in the envious position of having to revisit those first three rivers.

S. PlatteJanuary 19, 2014. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’ve found it difficult to both fish and take photos and so I was determined that yesterday was going to be just about photography. However, as soon as I got riverside I had to at least make a few casts. I didn’t bring my waders so I was limited with what I could do, and that was a good thing. My photos did end up taking precedence.

I shouldn’t have been surprised to see the number of anglers in the river, but I was. With the Broncos playing today (HURRAY FOR THE BRONCOS!) I imagine the river was relatively empty today. It was wonderful to be back on the river. I don’t think I’m ever going to get them out of my blood.

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