Most of my trip’s itinerary centers around well known rivers whose name people would recognize. The Fremont River is an exception. The river runs through Capitol Reef National Park and is a varied and less known gem.



As highlighted in my Guide of the Week section, Shawn Saunders and I spent several days together including one on the Fremont. He has created a video that highlights what a day is like on the Fremont.


Wind is no stranger to southern Utah and the first day on the river proved to be next to impossible to fish. Instead we explored the incredibly beautiful surroundings of the Fremont including Capitol Reef National Park and I put together a plan for my next few days on the river.

DomesSome people wonder how this national park got its name. There is an interesting explanation for this. The “Capitol” comes from the white domes of the Navajo Sandstone along the Fremont River that most definitely replicate the look of our domes in our Capitol. The “Reef” depicts the barrier-type rocky cliffs that inhibit travel. It is well named as you will find when you navigate through these deeply eroded canyons containing Kayenta and Windgate Sandstone as well as Gray Mancos Shale.

Hopefully the wind will subside and I can head down to the portion of the Fremont known as the Bicknell Flats.

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