New Friend

The words of my new friend, Bill Eaton… “It is interesting the way that Shelley and I have become friends. I was told of this lady who was going to fish 52 rivers in 52 weeks. I found [...]

Angler, Author, Artist

I met Steve Schweitzer at the Denver Fly-Fishing Show two years ago. Steve is the author of  Fly Fishing Rocky Mountain National Park, a great guide to the Park. Steve self-published his book and [...]

Kelly Shannon

While fishing on the Pecos River, my guide Norman took me to one of the private stretches of river to which he has access. The same storm that had done so much damage in the Boulder area of [...]

Carol Dorfman, 1950 – 2013

I just learned this morning that my long time friend, Carol Dorfman passed away yesterday. This comes as a shock and great sadness. She leaves behind her two sons, Noah and Jordan, both of whom I [...]

Santa Fe Artist

I met Kiran Levy in downtown Santa Fe after I fished the Pecos River. As always, I am attracted to anyone who has east coast roots as I do, and Kiran grew up near to New York City. Her subsequent [...]

A Breath of Spring

(Photo by Ross Purnell) April Vokey is one of the most well-known fly-fishers in the world – and yes, surprising to some, she’s a woman. April is going to be profiled on the November [...]

Inspiring Courage

Peg Miskin is the national program manager for Casting for Recovery. Peg moved to Hamilton, MT recently from California. Within a very short period of time, the Hamilton community has embraced [...]

Six Degrees of Separation

Another six degrees of separation story. I arrive in Hamilton, MT, not knowing a single person. I am attending the first Casting for Recovery (CFR)  national fundraiser. This organization brings [...]

I Love Car Repairs

When my transmission’s transfer case needed to be repaired a few weeks ago, one of the warranty requirements was to have it rechecked within 2 weeks. Knowing that I would be in Hamilton for [...]

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