HarryHarry Portland comes from Philly and the Jersey Shore until he moved to Colorado in his young 20’s. One of his grandfathers was in the Merchant Marines and the other worked in Philadelphia Naval Yard and on fishing boats outside of Cape May. Harry’s first memories are of being out on boats and fishing. At four years old he caught his first fish, which wasn’t in fact a fish, but an eel. As with most anglers, they turned lemon into lemonade by cutting it up and using it for bait and caught a Blue Fish – a “Bruiser Blue” – which can weigh about 20 pounds. The gear you use for this kind of fishing is quite different from fly-fishing and Harry enjoyed it, but not like fly-fishing. In Harry’s words, “When I was 20, I fell for fly-fishing big time! In my opinion it’s the most interesting and entertaining kind of fishing.” Harry guides for the Frying Pan Anglers in Basalt.

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