Tim Jacobs guided for the Taylor Creek Fly Shop in Basalt for a short time but has been fishing a long time. Tim is well-known for the fine flies that he ties. Check out his website.


 Tim has been married 30 years and has two daughters, one an Imagination Destination team member in the 9th grade and the other a college student at Lake Superior State in Michigan. Tim was an eighth grade math teacher for 30 years in the Oak Creek and Glenwood Springs school districts.

Can you imagine someone who would be more patient and helpful than a middle school teacher?

When I asked him what you should know about the Fryingpan he said, “You should really experience the Green Drake Hatch on the Fryingpan during the summer. It’s a phenomenal hatch; it’s a beautiful time of year to be here. There can be a lot of people but it [the hatch] brings a lot of fish up because it’s the biggest mayfly we have in the river.



The photo shows the Green Drake in its nymph stage.



Many thanks to Tim for a great day on the river.

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