John ShorrowWhen my transmission’s transfer case needed to be repaired a few weeks ago, one of the warranty requirements was to have it rechecked within 2 weeks. Knowing that I would be in Hamilton for a week, I looked up car repair and came up with this shop – Reliance Automotive.

I walked into the shop and Mike Shorrow had noticed the 52 rivers sign on my car and came up to me and said, “Are you 52 rivers?!” “Indeed, I am,” I responded. Come to find out Mike heard of my blog through a friend in CA and reads it regularly. How lucky was I that I happened to choose this shop to look at my car? Lucky because I met someone who shares my passion, lucky because Mike is such a great mechanic, lucky because the shop is so honest and trustworthy, and lucky because Mike introduced me to some new friends in Hamilton, who I will highlight next in this column.

Yep, car repairs are great. Thanks a lot, Mike et al.

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