Rio Grande GorgeTaos, NM. The Rio Grande Gorge is 70 miles of sanctuary for wildlife including trout, bald and golden eagles, deer, elk, and all kinds of birds. To reach its banks, you must be willing to put forth a little effort because the trail is steep with large boulders. This time of year can be rather “chancy” when it comes to fly-fishing in northern New Mexico, but once again I lucked out. I made it down to Taos on probably the last good fishing day until the spring.

View DownI fished about 2 miles below the famous John Dunn bridge built by the man of the same name in the 1890s. Dunn is a legend in the Taos area not only for his colorful character but also because he provided the only transportation across the Gorge for miles. Because Dunn met so many people transporting them across his bridge, he thought he had insight into the various personalities he encountered. He said, “I’ve met so many worthless people I’ve often thought the world is bossed by an unjust God. A just God would have put fur on some of the people I’ve known. He’d have put skunk on some and beaver on others. Then they could be hunted in the winter for their pelts and be of some use to the rest of mankind.”

Wouldn’t it be great to have some warning about some of those difficult people we all meet in daily life?


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