Kyle Holt on the Colorado

Colorado River (Map)

Kyle and PhyllisKyle Holt guides for the Taylor Creek Fly Shop out of Basalt. Kyle battled the wind for us all day on the Colorado, but did it with a smile on his face and in anticipation of a vacation. This is the time of year that guides take the rare opportunity they have during the season of run-off to get away. And guess what they usually do? Yep – they go fishing. Many of them seem to enjoy the challenge of salt-water fishing, which I have to admit is something that I have never done but am excited to try after my year on 52 rivers.

My friend Phyllis has floated with Kyle before and made the arrangements for us to float a few days before her milestone birthday. Phyllis is a fabulous angler who powered through a shoulder injury without complaining to fish the Colorado. The day was beautiful in its own right. Maybe not for the scenery; maybe not for the number of fish we caught, but definitely for the company.

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