PaulMy man who hails from 20 minutes from my hometown is Paul Killino from Colorado River Outfitters. It was such serendipity that I met up with Paul. I found Paul on the Internet and had my first experience of successful online dating – well, online guide hiring.

I knew the minute I heard his accent he was from New Jersey. Like me, he thought his accent had disappeared, but I don’t think you can ever completely give it up, and for that I’m grateful.

Returning to my roots, or sharing time with someone who can relate to your early experiences is irresistible. I love it when I visit the Jersey shore and pick up the accent from my youth. There’s a straightforwardness about New York area residents that can either be a complete turnoff or captivating – for me it’s the latter.

So Paul and I had a great day. He is a teacher and not afraid to experiment with changing up your fly or weights or indicator. He is as happy as you are when you catch a fish and loved playing in the rain as I did. I look forward to fishing with Paul again in the fall.

Hey.. yeah.. tanks a lot…

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