Madison FeaturedThe Madison River has certainly gone through its challenges with earthquakes and broken dams, but from my perspective, these past catastrophes  were not evident. I drove from Idaho Falls to the Slide Inn on Highway 287 – a beautiful 2 1/2 hour stretch of highway bordered on the east by the majestic Tetons.


BRIANWISEMASTERThe Slide Inn is run by Kelly Galloup, an angler, fly-tier and outfitter with a wicked sense of humor. I was told to introduce myself by asking him about his “f*!#ing” articulated streamers.” He had a belly laugh with that and quipped – that’s great coming from a librarian. Seriously, his streamers are a site to behold and a true work of art.

The Slide Inn is located on the banks of the Madison River. I planned to sequester myself and write for a few days but took a little time to make my way up to a hot fishing hole on the property. When I arrived three young Swedes were fishing and catching some nice medium-sized browns. They gave me a beautiful purple fly that I believe they called a “back pack”. They had made a killing with it the previous night. I did go back later to find myself a brown with that fly. Many thanks Joachim, Sara and friend.

StormI made my way back to my camper as a storm formed to the west and looked forward to sleeping to the sound of rain on my fiberglass roof and hanging out with Joe Moore the next day to float down the famed Madison.

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