Aliner UpThis is the longest I’ve remained at a campground this year – a little over two weeks. Initially, I needed to get my computer fixed. After a while, though, I decided to stay here just because I really like Idaho Falls and also because I liked meeting my neighbors who would come in and spend a night or two before moving on. I could get to all the rivers I was fishing within a couple hours.

I met folks from all over the country – Oregon, Florida, Utah, Ohio – and we shared stories and coffee and wine. We made fires outside our campers and ate a $2.00 pancake breakfast on the main patio. We swam in the swimming pool’s freezing water and did our laundry and formed our own sort of community. It really is a different world out here in the camping world and I am eager to stay a part of it.



The photos are of one of my neighbors whose small RV made me second guess my SCAMP.



Aliner Down


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