Mark RaislerCraig, MT. Mark Raisler is the co-owner of the Headhunters Fly Shop in Craig, Montana. One of the first things Mark said to me was that he has never done anything he didn’t want to do! This is one of the reasons that I admire this group of individuals as a whole. They are happy because they are doing what they want to do. It’s one of the goals of my year – to follow my passion and help others realize that they can do the same.

Mark2Mark and I share a love for photography and in addition to our fishing day together, we shared a lot about our Nikon D7000 cameras. Like me, Mark has the responsibility of updating his website and doing the necessary social networking for his business. He will guide all day long and then return home where he has to spend hours downloading photos and writing.

I learned a lot from Mark – especially his most famous line of the day, “mending is a synonym for love!” Without a good mend, you don’t have a good drift. Without a good drift, the fish will know something is fishy – or rather not good for fish. So make love!

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